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At Zarazua Law, we attorneys handle a variety of legal matters throughout San Antonio. Our firm has the experience necessary to deliver the best results to our clients.

We pride in delivering hard-hitting, precise litigation and building trust with our clients. Whether you are facing a financial difficulties or ready to close your real estate transactions, we are here to help.

Nearly everyone has an estate.  It consists of everything you own— your car, your home, real estate, bank accounts, investments, and personal possessions.  The bottom line—you can’t take those items with you when you die.  At Zarazua Law, we help you to control how your hard-earned assets are given to people and/or organizations you care about most.  We help you to do this with the least amount paid in taxes, court costs, and even legal fees.

Estate planning is for everyone.  Life is unpredictable and if  you don’t have a plan, Texas has one for you.  Give Zarazua Law a call today to guide you through the process of gathering your estate and maintaining control of it.

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Trusts, Wills & Probate
Real Estate

We serve buyers, sellers, investors, developers, builders, contractors and others in all matters involving residential and commercial real estate, including:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Commercial leases
  • Closings
  • Landlord-Tenant disputes
  • Purchase and sale agreements

While we handle real estate matters and transactions, our practice focuses on litigation. When needed, we are prepared to go to trial. We resolve disputes between buyers and real estate agents or brokers, including disputes over agent agreements. We resolve boundary line disputes. We are experienced in resolving a variety of real estate disputes.


Bankruptcy has helped millions of Americans stop creditor harassment, avoid home foreclosure, and resolve unpaid debts.  Let Zarazua Law help you.  Our goal is to relieve your financial problems with the least amount of stress and confusion as possible.

When filing for bankruptcy, Texas offers more advantages to debtors than most states. Texas offers broad “exemptions” for certain assets you can keep when you file for bankruptcy. This is especially true for secured property, such as your home and vehicle.

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